Have you been looking for months for a great tattoo design? Often it can be difficult to find the exact design that you want. If you have been looking for a delicate and cute tattoo for a female then you might want to consider a flower butterfly tattoo. These of course can go separately or together either way flowers and butterflies make for great subjects for female tattoos.

Flower And Butterfly Tattoos Are Hot These are great designs that can be very flexible and easily tailored to suit your needs and situation. The tattoo design can fit in a variety of places on the body and look perfectly set. They make great designs for an upper back, lower back hip and thigh area. The design can also be filled with just about in colors you might like. The butterfly and the flower can also be design in a vareity of different ways. Picking flowers that are symbolism and significant to you and a butterfly design that you really like can really help make this tattoo ideal.

Locations To Get A Tattoo - Of course as spoken about above these tattoos look great in a variety of locations. The only consideration that you will want to think about first is the size versus the location. If you want a really big bold and strong tattoo then you probably want something on the back. However if you are looking for a cute small feminine tattoo then you might want to do it on a hip. The size of the tattoo has to be carefully shaped o the size of the person's body and the location where they are getting the tattoo.

The Cost - Trying to figure out the cost of a tattoo can be difficult. It depends on the size of the design, the tattoo artist and many other factors. However if you are thinking of a small foot or hip tattoo and a design that is small then it can often cost between $50 and $100 bucks. If you are thinking about getting a bigger tattoo piece done like an upper back or full back tattoo then it can cost easily $500 to $1000 dollars.

The most important thing when getting a tattoo is to have fun and enjoy the process and make sure it is something you really want. Take your time and don't rush the design or artwork. Also find an artist that will listen to your ideas and can also do a great job. Pick your colors and the location and size of the tattoo carefully and you will enjoy it for the rest of your life.

red tulips

red tulips

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